Cakes & Pastries

Cake, a friend for anytime!!!

Cake is a divine invention. Iced or not iced, cupcake-shaped or in high layers worthy of a princess wedding; even the simplest of cakes is a feast for the eyes.

We at Coppa are CRAZY about cakes and we have a perfect selection for any time and any type of celebration.

Our pastries and breads are always freshly made. we only use premium, fresh and, when possible, organic ingredients. Besides that, we do not add preservatives, emulsifiers, instant premix, or any other chemical that could compromise the flavors or quality of our products.

Whenever you need a special occasion dessert or yummy pastry, WE ARE HERE FOR YOU.

Give us a call. We take orders!

Celebration Cakes

We are by your side celebrating every especial moment. Delicious and freshly baked our cakes are a Must on any table.


Our chocolate products are made with Belgium chocolate and premium ingredients only. It’s not just chocolate, IT’S EDIBLE LOVE!

Macaron & Éclair Affair

Macaroons and eclairs are classics of a French pastry. Here at Coppa we pride ourselves to make them exactly like in Paris. We will transport you there in a BITE.

Gluten Free

We know how challenge life can be  with some restrictions. We got your backs! Our gluten free cakes are DELICIOUS. You won’t miss gluten from now on.
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