Welcome to Parkhurst

Our Venue

Designed by our chef Mirlene Souza, Coppa PARKHURST has the perfect ambience to be enjoyed for all lovers of good food, with a large sitting area, modernly decorated with super spacious tables and sink in chairs, you will not feel like going home any time soon.

The beautiful hand painted wall brings elegance and charm to the space. Every small detail was dreamed up and thought to offer you a Coppa experience.

The saloon has also a display fridge where lots of amazing cakes and pastries dancing in and out always supper freshly prepared. We boast with our High tea area, and functions and parties can be booked.

Our Cuisine

From our kitchen you can expect classic French dishes as well as modern / comfort fusion with Brazil’s finest gastronomy. Something Unique and Yummy.

We offer Inside and outside seating.

Top wine/champagne selection for all your celebrations.

This is a gift to our Parkhurst neighborhood.

Breakfast Salad 105

A delicious full meal to start your day. Two rashes of bacon, Chorizo, Grilled marrows and tomatoes, Spinach salad, creamy scrambled eggs, Mushrooms and toast.

Spanish Frittata 92

Three eggs, tomato, potato and mushroom tortilla, served with green salad & shavings of parmesan.

Omelette Denver 75

Simple and amazing. Eggs, Ham, Cheese, Peppers, Mushrooms. Served with toast.

Omelette Aux Herbes
Fraiches 70

French style omelette. Made with 3 eggs, chives, parsley and butter. Served with toast, butter and jam. *Add salmon and make it a perfect paring for our Mimosa.

Eggs Benedict
Salmon – R125 | Ham – R95

A French twist on an English classic. Poached eggs, Spinach, a choice of ham or salmon on a French brioche with homemade hollandaise sauce.

Pain Perdu 95

French Toast on its best form. Homemade Brioche / sweet bread and served with fruits and honey. Add Nutella – R15

Flap Jacks 105

Irresistible pancakes, served with maple syrup, fruits & a generous portion of Nutella.

Avo and Salmon Open Toast 108

Fresh slice of Sourdough, smoked salmon, cream cheese, guacamole.


Homemade Croissant, made with real butter in a traditional French style.
with jam and butter  R52.00
with scrambled egg and bacon  R58.00

Caprese Avo Toast 88

Fresh sourdough slice, grated cheese, mashed avo, basil, cherry tomato & balsamic reduction.

Creamy Scrambled 78

Scramble eggs with cheese topped with bits of bacon.

Italian Style 98

Fresh slice of Sourdough, béchamel sauce, gorgonzola cheese & sauté mushrooms.

Yogurt Bowl 89

Double cream yogurt, mix fruit, homemade granola & honey.

Paw Paw Boat 98

Half papaya stuffed with Double cream yogurt, honey, Homemade granola, chunks of dark chocolate.


Salade Verte Avec Poulet Au Dijon 115

Freshly made Green salad with kale, herbs, chicken with home-made Dijon mayonnaise. ― Wine Pairing – Chardonnay

Beef Carpacci o Salad 145

Seared beef fillet, topped with capers, arugula, finished with parmesan shavings, olive oil and
fresh herbs. ― Wine Pairing – Chardonnay

Quinoa Avocado Salad 125

Quinoa salad, tomato and onion confit topped with guacamole. Fresh and delicious.
Add Salmon – R42 ― Wine Pairing – Chenin Blanc

Moules à Provençale 105

Traditional Provence recipe. Fresh mussels steamed with white wine & cream. Served with toast.

Tarta re de Poisson 178

Marinated chopped tuna with red onions, chopped parsley, olive oil, fresh dill, drizzled with Dijon mustard, topped with Guacamole and pistachios. ― Wine Pairing – De Wetshof Limestone Hill

Plat eau de Fromag e 240 (Serves up to 3 pax)

Our Cheeseboard, accompanied by a nice bottle of champagne and wine, certainly is one of the best ways to enjoy the sunset.


Poisson (Fish dishes)

Poisson à Belle Meunière 185

A freshly grilled Fish, prepared traditionally French Style with lemon Beurre blanc sauce, topped with capers and seasonal vegetables.

Risotto Crémeux Aux Crevettes 235

Prawn Risotto cooked in a rich prawn stock, Tomato Concasse, topped with grilled Prawns.

Muqueca 225

Brazilian style fish. Made with rich sauce,Tomato, onion, olive oil and pirão.

Praw n Bobó SQ

Prawn with cassava mash, onion, peppers, tomato and our special sauce. Served with a side portion of rice.


Quinoa Risotto 175

Rich and delicious Quinoa risotto, made with porcini sauce, shimeji and shitake. Exclude the cream and cheese and have a delicious vegan option.

Polenta With Vegetable 95

Creamy polenta, vegetables ragout. Exclude the cream and cheese and have a delicious vegan option.

Viandes (Beef & Chicken)

Fillet Au Poivre 210

Peppercorn crusted Beef Fillet, served with seasonal green vegetables, or house potatoes with a drizzling of sauce au poivre. Best enjoyed medium to rare.

Queue De Boeuf Avec Polenta 240

Braised oxtail, served with a creamy polenta, root vegetables, topped with oxtail croquette.

Steak Tartare 198

Our traditional steak tartare, made with finely chopped super fresh beef fillet, capers, shallots, coriander, salt, black pepper, and whole grain mustard, topped with curated egg yolk and garlic crostini’s.

L’Entrecote 230

Grilled ribeye steak, served with aligot & Coppa’s sauce.

Picanha Á La Cachaça 220

Picanha grilled and flamed with Brazilian Spirit, served with crunchy farofa and vinaigrette.

Galinhada 195

Delicious Brazilian “risotto “ made with slow cooked free-range chicken, okra, concassed tomato and served with a curated egg yolk on top.

Magret De Canard Á l’Orange 195

Thinly sliced duck breast, cooked to perfection. Served with a reduction of flamed contrail, orange juice and grilled apples on the side.

Coq Au Vin Blanc SQ

Chicken cooked with white wine, cream and mushrooms, topped with parsley and herb rice.

Jarret De`Agneau SQ

Lamb Shank, slow roasted & traditionally made.


Croque`s 98

Homemade Brioche, Ham, emmanthal cheese, Béchamel sauce.

Quiches 89

Our quiches are made daily in the traditional French style, and are served with fresh salad on the side. Please, ask your waiter about todays flavours.

Pão De Quejo (Cheesebuns) 175

Gluten free speciality Brazilian small breads, made with lots of cheese. Portion of 15 buns.

Scone 48

Full of flavour to melt in your mouth. Served with homemade jam.

A Sweet Romance SQ

Bottle of Pongracz Brut & macaron selection.


Oysters SQ

The hour of the pearl is now. Enjoy our beautiful and flavourful oysters’ selection.

Brazilian Delights (4 per portion) 60

2 delcious chicken surprises (coxinha) & 2 delicious beef croquettes.

Torpedo Prawns (4 per portion) 68

Large prawns, battered and deep fried COPPA style. Served with sweet chilly.

Mini Bites Tartare 85

Mini crostini, topped with house beef tartare.

Mini Pastéis (6 per portion) 70

Mini crostini, topped with house beef tartare.

Gougères (4 per portion) 65

Mouth-watering baked choux pastry & cheese puffs.

Red Onion Marmalade & Goat Cheese Crostini 60

6 delicious Crostini topped with red onion marmalade and goat cheese. (vegetarian)


Mini Cakes 64

We serve a delicious variety of Mini cake: red velvet, Carrot, Chocolate, Lemon…

Mousse Au Chocolat 68

Premium Belgium chocolate mousse.

Crème Brulée 65

Traditional and delicious French style crème brulée.

R290 per Person (booking only)

Elegant & traditional styled High Tea served in a cosy & charming ambient prepared to host you for memorable times with your loved ones.

Our afternoon tea offers a choice of inventive savoury options like camembert and sour fig pastry, accompanied by a towering stand of cakes, fluffy scones and plenty of tea. There is also the option to enjoy a glass of bubbly with your High Tea (available by the glass for more than 4 pax).

Top Tier

Flavour scones served with cream & Preserves

Middle Tier

Savoury Selection (vegetarian option also available)

Bottom Tier

Selection of our best Pastries
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